‘The Wanderer’ – Some Resonant Songs

by Timothy J Jarvis

There are a handful of songs on The Wanderer soundtrack posted yesterday, songs particularly apt and potent, but, in the main, I find vocals (and strong rhythms and melodies), too distracting for reading, writing, and editing. But much of the music I was listening to in other moments, while working on the book, did have a real impact on its tenor (or would have had, were the book my fiction and not something else, something more uncanny). The following is a short playlist of songs that particularly resonated.

Here’s the tracklist:

Scott Walker : Farmer In The City
Årabrot : The Wheel Is Turning Full Circle
Tiny Vipers : Development
Ghosting Season : Time Without Question
Buzzard Lope : Fag Ash Crow
Swans : You Fucking People Make Me Sick
Marissa Nadler : Dying Breed
The Body : Ruiner
Chelsea Wolfe : Ancestors, The Ancients
Botanist : Rhyncholaelia Glauca
Birds Of Passage : Belle de Jour
Pere Ubu : 414 Seconds
Boduf Songs : Last Glimmer On a Hill At Dusk