by Timothy J Jarvis

This coming weekend, I’ll be attending my first British Fantasy Convention. I’m really looking forward to it. On the Saturday, at 6pm, I’m going to be participating in a panel entitled ‘Weirdness, Darkness, Madness: the Psychology of Dark Fantasy’, along with some fine folk. Then, at 10pm that day, I’ll be reading some fiction. Disgruntled Amazon reviewers have described my writing as ‘beyond weird,’ ‘beyond depressing,’ as having left them with ‘a deep melancholy’ they’d ‘rather not have,’ and as ‘unforgettable,’ ‘but for all the wrong reasons.’ So I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on that…

FantasyCon Schedule
Saturday 24th October

6pm Weirdness, Darkness, Madness: the Psychology of Dark Fantasy
The landscapes of the mind have always been fertile ground to explore in Gothic literature. How is that tradition now informing today’s dark fantasy and weird fiction?

  • Morbid fascination: why are we drawn to what unsettles us?
  • What techniques, tropes and tricks do writers and film-makers use to get in our heads?
  • What disturbs you the most: fear for your life vs. fear for your sanity?
  • What weird experiences have the panellists had and how have they informed their writing?

It’s all in the mind. . . or is it?

Moderator: Terry Grimwood
Panellists: Timothy J Jarvis, Kim Lakin-Smith, Helen Marshall, Deborah Walker, Mark West

10pm Reading