Timothy J. Jarvis

Writer of Antic Fiction

Creeping Waves – Matthew M. Bartlett


In 1868 and ’69, Isidore-Lucien Ducasse, a young man with an intense stare, wrote a bizarre masterpiece, in the garret of a Parisian hotel, while, if Léon Genonceaux is to be believed, hammering out discords on a battered upright piano. In 2015 and ’16, a genial man in the state of Massachusetts, Matthew M. Bartlett, wrote a bizarre masterpiece, while firing off excellent quirky witticisms and cat photos on social media… Read the rest of this entry »

The Polarities – Watch Repair


As band names go, there can be few as apt as that of Watch Repair. There is much of the horologist’s art in their meticulous, engrossing compositions, pieces that are as intricate and fine as clockwork, as hypnotic as the workings of a watch’s innards. And repair is fitting too, as these timepieces all have warped springs, gears with cogs missing, and yet have been made to run in spite of these flaws by skilled craftsmen – melodies and themes are there, but they’re fractured or layered in discordant polyphony.

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