Murder Ballads

by Timothy J Jarvis


I’m thrilled to have a story in this forthcoming anthology from the wonderful Egaeus Press, and alongside some of my very favourite writers in the field. My contribution concerns a lost early-17th century ballad entitled, ‘A ballet of the Murther of A boy of 3 yeres of Age whose sis’ter had her tong[u]e also Cut out and yet speaketh’.

More details from the press:

MURDER BALLADS will be an anthology of stories inspired by that ancient oral tradition: Tales that share the intimacy of a fireside song, a family secret, a Victorian melodrama or the crumbling front page of a tawdry antique newspaper. They range from the folkish to the mythic; from the stuff of disquieting nursery rhymes to cautionary fables of crime and punishment: Sometimes tragic, occasionally humorous, often frightening, and frequently reminiscent of something from a blood-soaked penny-dreadful.

The book will feature new and previously unpublished short stories by Timothy J. Jarvis, Reggie Oliver, Angela Slatter, Helen Marshall, Rhys Hughes, Rosanne Rabinowitz, D.P. Watt, Daniel Mills, Lisa L Hannett, Philip Fracassi, Louis Marvick, Avalon Brantley, Brendan Connell, Stephen J. Clark, Colin Insole, Alison Littlewood, Charles Schneider and Albert Power.